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Here at IPG, we strive to be different and our values and vision speaks for itself.

We know that the vision many people have of property developers in the UK is not always a positive one, and our mission is to turn that perception around through a combination of clear communication, an industry leading quality of service and the use of strategic partnerships that don’t overreach eliciting unnecessary risk on any given project.

As a proudly established business based in the North West of England, we both respect and understand the value of the communities we’re looking to develop within. This self-awareness helps us to make informed decisions to build better, brighter and more sustainable property that can help form the foundations for future generations across the region.


Here at IPG, we strive to be different and our values and vision speaks for itself.

We are big believers that the success of any development is a direct reflection of the quality of the team that has been put in place; the hard work and dedication of everyone involved and the level of experience and expertise that our people bring to the table.

Above all else, we believe that the success of our company is a direct reflection of the values and beliefs that we go into each new project with. There can be no success without hard work, just as there can be no success without the right values.

Through everything we have done, we have always stressed values like integrity, dedication and hard work, and we will never settle for less than those core requirements.

When we hire new partners for our team, we strive to find those unique few who are willing to go above and beyond the ordinary in order to bring true our promise to our partners and clients, and that is to dedicate ourselves 100% to get the job done! In the end, our values, and our dedication, shine through in everything we do.

We are dedicated to building a better and brighter future for everyone we work with. To our fellow property investors and partners in the UK, to the public at large, to other business owners and partners in the region. We will always let the values of dedication, hard work and integrity guide us through everything we do.

We put people first!

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    Integrity is at the forefront of every decision we make. Our partners have a high moral standard when it comes to undertaking projects that ensure we not only help the local economy, but also stand true to our promise to our investors and finance partners.

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    When large investments are committed to a project, it is essential that our team understand the trust placed in our resolve. That's why we believe transparency of information is important when keeping our investors informed about the progress and decisions we make.


Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the UK’s most notable developers, past and present.

Mitchell Walsh, CEO of Integritas Property Group.

Mitchell Walsh

CEO & Founder

As the CEO of Integritas Property Group, Mitchell, with over 10 years of extensive property experience, has managed complex client accounts across national and international property investment portfolios. His ongoing analysis, delivery, and successful customer strategy have optimised market expansion efforts, consistently achieving significant increases in revenue and gross profit to enable organisational expansion ambitions.

Showcasing a strong track record of leadership and strategic direction, Mitchell, as the CEO of Integritas Property Group, believes it is essential to provide professional development opportunities while ensuring accountability during every aspect of the development lifecycle.

Emma Greenaway, Operations Director at Integritas Property Group.

Emma Greenaway


Emma has worked in the property sector for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in sales and progression.

As Operations Director for the Group, Emma oversees a wide range of critical functions within both the property investment and property development companies. This includes overseeing property acquisitions, evaluating investment opportunities, managing construction and development projects, and implementing strategic plans to maximise returns on investments.

Emma’s multi-faceted operational role acts as the key link between all inter-departmental teams within the organisation, ensuring the smooth operation of the business as a whole.

Ru Nathoo, Investment Director at Integritas Property Group.

Ru Nathoo


Ru has an enviable record in managing change, operational risk and control in a career spanning almost 20 years.

His career to date includes working in London’s financial centre with some of the world’s most respected banking giants, including RBS, Credit Suisse and Mitsubishi UFJ.

‍Currently, he is Head of UK Operations and Business Support for a London subsidiary of an International Bank where his primary focus has been to advise and put into place a robust controls framework to mitigate regulatory and operational risk.

‍His primary aims involve utilising adaptive strategies whilst investing in future sustainable businesses across multiple product cycles.

Abiodun Durosinmi-Etti, Overseas Investment Director at Integritas Property Group.

Abiodun Durosinmi-Etti

Overseas Investment Director

With ~30 years working career in an International Energy industry, and have had extensive experience in Commercial, JV Partnership and Business relationship in Crude Oil & Natural Gas Sales and Contracts Management, while in Chevron Nigeria Limited.

He will be bringing on board his networking and strategic commercial strength into the IPG team in terms of real estate investment expansion from clients in the Nigeria/mid-Africa region as well as the diaspora market space.

Adam Ross


With over a decade in Senior Roles, Adam brings a wealth of experience to the IPG Management team. His experience has led him to work with some of the U.K’s leading property developers establishing effective routes to market and launching several projects globally.  

Originally starting his career living and working in The Middle East, Adam has amassed a vast knowledge of investment markets here in the U.K and overseas.  With Integrity and at the forefront of the business’s sales operations, Adam will ensure new and returning customers will continue to benefit from IPG developments for years to come.

Ben Morris


Ben has over 10 years' experience as a quantity surveyor within the construction industry. He also benefits from a further 15 years as an expert joiner within the sector.

Ben's first position was at Arcus Consulting LLP, where he stayed for just over two years before accepting a permanent position within the M&E sector at Vital Energi.

He has gone on to sample several of the different sectors available to quantity surveyors within the industry including healthcare, residential, commercial high-rise and student living accommodation.

Jane Atkinson, Procurement Manager at Integritas Property Group.

Jane Atkinson

Procurement Manager

Jane has over 30 year’s experience in construction, predominately house building which includes refurbs and apartments.  

Working as a key player within the Commercial Team, Jane will be responsible for managing the supply cost base across all aspects of the business, working closely in conjunction with IPG contractors and suppliers.  

Jane will actively be looking to create a secure supply chain for the business, ensuring the continuity of supply of quality products to all developments.

Leah Higginson

Global Investment Manager

Leah is a seasoned professional with a decade of experience in the property sector, having established strong partnerships with industry leaders. Her extensive expertise spans a wide spectrum, encompassing residential and commercial investments, portfolio management, and comprehensive research and analysis of the UK market, catering to a diverse global clientele.

Based in our Dubai office, Leah serves as a vital bridge for communication and the cultivation of business relationships in the Middle East and the G.C.C region. Her insights and knowledge are invaluable resources for investors looking to explore and diversify within the UK real estate market. In this dynamic industry, Leah is your trusted guide.


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