Bastion Point Construction Update - May 2022


We’re pleased to announce that works onsite at Bastion Point are progressing.

The design team are working proactively to submit all information required to satisfy all Pre-Commencement Planning Conditions.

These include;

• Construction Method Statement – outlining the building processes and how we plan to minimise the impact of construction activities on the local  community

• Phase 2 Site Investigation – covering ground conditions, including ground make-up to a depth of 30m in various  locations. This aids the structural engineer to determine the preferred foundation solution, and whether remediation is required

• Highway improvement works required, including proposed vehicle access and footpath improvements

• Surface water drainage scheme design

• Proposed cycle parking provision

• Parking strategy for the scheme including signage and restrictions

• External lighting scheme design to ensure safe levels of lighting, whilst preventing light migration

• Full working drawings of all windows, railings, balconies and doors

• Following submission of an Archaeological Report, Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service have requested trial trenches to beexcavated in several chosen locations to assess archaeological potential of the site and, where present, to characterise and date the archaeological resource.

All the above is well under way, and whilst the archaeological work is being carried out, our chosen piling contractor will be appointed to commence once the dig is complete.

This will be promptly followed by the internal drainage installation after which the main frame construction can commence.

In the coming months, the frame will be visible forming a prestigious landmark in Liverpool City Centre, which will leave a lasting legacy for decades to come and much needed housing in a prime location.


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