Cavendish Waters Construction Update - October 2023

Welcome to our October update on Cavendish Waters. In this update, you’ll have the opportunity to gain valuable insights from David Mason, who serves as the Construction Director at Integritas Property Group.

Our trusted ground investigation consultants, CCG, have provided us with valuable insights. They have determined that the clay layer extends approximately 5.5 meters below the existing ground level, and beneath this layer, there is roughly 5.5 meters of building fill, which includes substantial pieces of reinforced concrete structures, among other materials.

This assessment allows us to confirm that we can employ 200mm steel pipe piles on this site, boasting a substantial 35-tonne capacity. These piles will be driven down to rock, at depths ranging from 12 to 14 meters, and subsequently filled with cementitious grout, incorporating a single reinforcing bar in the centre.

Regarding the section running through the building, it is highly likely that spread foundations will be employed for the block closest to the canal, contingent upon the ground water conditions. Local trial holes, conducted with an excavator, will be essential to make this determination as the project progresses.

In light of these findings, our site team is eager to commence trial holes and excavations in early November as originally planned. The Integritas team is enthusiastic about initiating this remarkable project along the Leeds Liverpool canal.

We are eagerly anticipating breaking ground on yet another prestigious development in Liverpool.

Lastly, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our current and prospective investors for their steadfast support of this project and our esteemed portfolio of other developments throughout the North of England.

Watch the video update below or click here.


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