Deakin's Yard Development Update - June 2024


Work onsite at Deakin’s Yard is progressing well, with the project set to complete in line with the September student intake. Significant milestones are being met, ensuring that the development remains on schedule.

The windows and brickwork are scheduled to be completed simultaneously at the start of July. This concurrent completion will ensure the building envelope is finished swiftly, allowing interior work to advance unimpeded. In the gym area, an exciting addition has been made with the incorporation of a yoga and wellness studio. This space is currently under development and promises to provide residents with a comprehensive fitness and relaxation facility.

Starting in early July, final touches will commence, including the installation of blinds. These finishing details are crucial for the readiness and aesthetic completion of the apartments. Work on the external communal area is set to begin shortly. This space will feature fixed furniture, planters and varied styles of paving, creating an inviting and versatile outdoor environment for residents to enjoy.

Homes for Students continues to successfully let a large number of apartments at Deakin’s Yard. The rental demand from local students remains high, reflecting the desirability and prime location of this development.

Overall, Deakin’s Yard is on track to provide high-quality accommodation and amenities for the upcoming academic year. As always, can I say thank you to all out investors and suppliers who contribute so much to help us deliver these market leading developments.

Watch the full update here.


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