Deakin's Yard Development Update - May 2024


We are excited to share the latest progress on our Deakin’s Yard PBSA project. As we advance towards our September student intake, the project is increasingly resembling the finished article we have envisioned.

The second phase of brickwork has now commenced, staying true to the planned timeline. This significant progress marks a major step in the external development of Deakin’s Yard, giving the building a more complete and polished look.

Internally, the fit-out process is making excellent headway in both the second and third phases of the building. This includes everything from final electrical systems to kitchen installations, all of which are critical to delivering a high-quality living space.

To maintain our momentum and ensure we meet our deadlines, the site is now operational seven days a week. This extended schedule allows us to keep a consistent and efficient pace, with around 80 dedicated professionals working on-site each day.

Another critical development is the installation of the building-wide sprinkler system, which is now underway. This vital safety feature is essential for ensuring that Deakin’s Yard meets the highest fire safety standards, providing peace of mind for future residents and their families.

We are also thrilled to announce that the show apartment is now complete. This fully furnished unit offers a tangible glimpse into the quality and comfort that Deakin’s Yard will provide. It allows investors and potential residents to experience firsthand the exceptional standards we are setting with this project. The installation of the communal carpet in this area further enhances the finished look and feel, adding to the overall ambiance and appeal.

The entire team is delighted with the progress made so far. The positive feedback from investors has been incredibly motivating, reinforcing our commitment to delivering an outstanding student living environment.

Watch the full update here.


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