Everton Football Stadium Continues Development


Everton Football Stadium, estimated to cost £500m to develop, has implemented the first of 5 giant trusses, which supports the stadiums’ structure. This marks a major milestone in the stadium’s development. But what can the city expect next?


With the first of 5 trusses completed and supporting a100-tone section of steelwork, the stadium is well and truly on its way to completion, and the next steps are equally as exciting. In the coming weeks, the development is expected to use multiple lifts to that will help implement supports for the remaining trusses. These supports, once constructed, will be eventually lifted, and placed in their designated spots, 4 meters deep in the ground.

I’m completely blown away [by the stadium]. It looks fantastic. I can’t believe how fast it is growing!” – Everton Midfielder Amadou Onana.

Once constructed and open, Liverpool is expected to eventually gain a major boost to the economy. It is expected that the stadium will contribute £1.3 billion to the local economy, by attracting £1.4 million visitors and providing thousands of jobs. The stadium is supposedly also planned to be used out of season as a multi-use venue.

“What do you with it for the 340days when you’re not using it? Clubs are now tapping into stadiums to make them multi-use venues. The football is still front and centre, but this generates extra revenue.

It is no surprise that Liverpool is already supported by football, which is why their predicted figures for the new stadium remain so positive.

Already in the region both Everton and Liverpool football clubs are celebrated for contributing £7.6 billion to the economy, yearly.

Not only this, but football hugely contributes to local Liverpool communities, with an estimated spend of £23 million during a 12-monthperiod being paid out through several outlets such as free meals and activity days. This has led to an 86% increase in physical health and fitness in the region and an 85% improvement in mental wellbeing within deprived areas.

Following the economic success found in football throughout the region, the new Everton Football Stadium is the perfect next step for Liverpool to take and is expected to be completed by 2024/25.


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