Growing Confidence Among Clients in the GCC Investing in UK Property Market


Recent research illuminates the increasing enthusiasm among GCC investors for major UK cities, reflecting a growing confidence in the UK property market among investors from the GCC community.

This burgeoning interest is particularly pronounced, with investors increasingly making the UK a top priority for their investments. Over the past year, their trust in the UK property market has significantly grown.

Several compelling factors make the UK an attractive destination for these investors, including high demand, reliable investment returns, robust rental growth, and a diverse array of investment opportunities. 

At the forefront of their investment radar are Liverpool and Manchester, two cities that have swiftly captured the attention of clients in the GCC due to their promising prospects.

This surge in interest highlights the considerable influence and allure of the UK property market for the GCC Community.

In summary, the UK's property market is becoming a focal point for Middle Eastern investors, drawn by its impressive performance, diverse investment opportunities, and the potential for substantial returns. With their growing confidence in the UK market, these investors are poised to make a significant impact on the country's property landscape.

Quote from our Dubai team:

"We have personally observed a growing trend of Middle Eastern clients venturing into the UK property market over recent years, with more clients seeking stable returns on investments in a mature market. Being based in Dubai, we regularly engage with GCC clients, and we are excited to introduce them to new opportunities for expansion in the UK property market."

New research conducted by the Al Rayan Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) reveals that the United Kingdom has emerged as the top choice for GCC property investors. Investors from Arab nations see major UK cities as prime global real estate prospects.

This recent research indicates that significant Middle Eastern investors are increasingly turning their focus to the UK market.

The Gulf states have enjoyed a period of prosperity marked by rapid economic growth in 2022 and currencies that rank among the strongest globally, resulting in highly favourable exchange rates. 

Investing in UK real estate has consistently proven to be a reliable option. Cities such as Manchester and Liverpool, which have witnessed substantial regeneration efforts in recent decades, have flourishing local property markets. The appeal of these cities is further enhanced by their more affordable cost of living compared to London.

This affordability has made these cities particularly appealing to graduates and young professionals seeking lower rents while still enjoying the cultural and employment opportunities found in vibrant urban centres. Moreover, future growth prospects underline the ongoing potential of regional cities, with forecasts predicting an average growth of 17% in sale prices and an 18% increase in rental growth over the next five years.


"2023 UK Property Profile: The GCC InvestmentOpportunity." Al Rayan Bank. (n.d.). Available at:[Accessed 7 Nov. 2023].


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