Liverpool Backs Social Enterprise


Mayor of Liverpool, Joanna Anderson, has stated her support for social enterprise and has set out a potential 5-year plan that will improve Liverpool’s economic growth and business districts.

Mayor Anderson has long advocated for social enterprise and committed to bringing to light the importance and positive economic impact growing this sector could have to the overall UK property and business market.

Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool explained, “The market needs to better respond, and this includes finding flexible sources of capital to provide workable investment to accelerate social enterprise growth. We hope this report will be the start of anew era, benefiting social enterprises based in Liverpool, the North West and across the country.

Alongside Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Chair of the Commission on Social Investment, Liverpool’s leaders have suggested that over the next decade they could support5,000 social enterprises in hopes to grow them. This has been proposed to create 180,000 jobs, 36,000 of these placed in deprived communities. This could add £3bn to the UK economy and heighten the value of deprived areas by an estimated £600m.

The positive effect of Anderson’s advocation may already be coming to light. Recently, a Liverpool firm with plant-based and plastic-free package got a cash injection of £100,000.

‘Green Bell Packaging’ secured the investment through the Northern Powerhouse fund- a scheme that plans to boost the economic relevance of North England.

The Liverpool based packaging company, who are now extending their range to environmentally friendly paper bags, biobags, bio mailing bags and jute bags, are excited by the cash injection as it allows them to continue actioning against environmental waste.

Nagori, founder of Green Bell Packaging, commented on the investment, “Protecting the planet is a key ethos of the business and a pillar from which it was built and founded. Plastic waste is among one of the biggest contributors to the deterioration of our land and marine life, with 79% of it ending up in the ocean or in landfills.

With the support towards social enterprise, Liverpool may see deprived areas and business sectors on the rise within the next 5 years. In conjunction with regeneration projects such as Liverpool Waters, investors should be on the lookout at low-entry investment opportunities that may provide a high yield return in the coming years.


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