Liverpool City Region Investment Summit


With the Liverpool City Region Investment Summit discussing thoughts on innovation, how will the plan of economic recovery affect the city and surrounding areas?

ICAEW ,Liverpool City Region Growth Company and Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants have invited investors and alike to a unique event focused on innovation investment challenges and opportunities, named Liverpool City Region Investment Summit.

The event, focused primarily on technological innovation, R&D and commercialisation is seen as essential for economic recovery and business growth in Liverpool and surrounding districts. The companies hope that through the collaboration of experts, they can discuss plans on reaching a positive and exciting future.

Fuelled by the rising public and private sector, the event has focused on understanding what it needs to achieve to support the large amount of high-quality businesses that are popping up around the area.

It has been important for companies such as ICAEW and Liverpool City Region Growth Company to contextualise the city region as a part of the UK’s National Innovation Strategy. By doing this, they hope to expand Liverpool’s ecosystem and ultimately attract more venture capital, growth finance and private equity.

Interestingly, this event comes after several regeneration and investment ventures taking place within the city region. Recently, Mayor Rotherham has discussed the opportunity to invest 5% of Liverpool’s economy on research and development by2030, which would double the current target set by the UK government. The success of this would add an estimated £47.1bn to the city’s economy.

Whether the Mayor planned to release this information before the Investment Summit to raise interest or not, it is a positive sign of growth for the region and surrounding districts and provides ample clarification that the focus on reinventing Liverpool as a thought leader is a serious notion.

Investors may also note that areas around Liverpool One shopping centre and the northern dock, located only a few minutes away, are a large focus of these new regeneration plans. Clear examples of this can be seen with the innovation investment plan Liverpool Waters, which is slowly being connected to the centre of the city with Liverpool One and Liverpool Royal Court gaining large cash injections over the coming months.

The surge in interest within the Liverpool city districts should raise the appeal to investors, as it seems the outlined plans will positively effect and boost the economy in the years to come, making it a hotspot for purchasing property before the prices rise.


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