Liverpool looks towards a bright future in 2023


Liverpool is best known for its innovation, culture, heritage, digital invention and fantastic housing market. However, with so many of the cities industries delivering on an annual basis, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers. In this piece we have taken the time to breakdown some key stats for each of the cities key sectors


Liverpool is a busy national hub, with road, rail and air connections to cities such as Manchester, Leeds, and London. Due to its importance, the city has dedicated a large portion of investment to expanding is connectiblility. Some of those are:

·       £500m invested in state-of-the-art trains.

·       £32m invested in Green Bus Routes.

·       £710m injected into the region to better implement sustainable transport- including the construction of a 600km safe cycling and walking route.

·       The reduction of bus fares for young adults, bringing the price down to £2.20 all-day ticket.

Housing and Population

Housing across the UK is facing a large supply and demand issue, alongside a harsh cost of living crisis. As such, this is pricing residents out of mortgages and seeing many unable to pay bills. In a bid to alleviate the struggles local residents are experiencing, the city has bold plans to build a record number of homes over the next decade.

Key city stats

·       An increase to 1.6 million residents.

·       1,154 residents supported by Households in to Work- providing up to 12 months of support to the unemployed, aged 16 and up.

·       A majority 69% of people support ‘Liveable Neighbourhoods’, a programme determined to support residents by better implementing social connection, better transportation, green space, and clean air.

·       1,000 homes have been retrofitted to better support residents during the harsher winter months, with more to follow.

·       An area of social and affordable housing to be constructed in the city.

Liverpool City Region

It’s easy to forget that the city of Liverpool itself needs investment just as much as the surrounding area. For this reason alone, the local Combined Authority have set forth investments which will benefit both residents and the businesses found in the region. Some of which are:

·       The region has set up public sector and private sector collaborations and investment opportunities valuing an estimated £12bn.

·       A £44m Covid support fund was provided to businesses.

·       Under the region’s ‘Plan for Prosperity’, the city is focused on creating 50,000 jobs by 2035.

·       30,000 adult learners have been supported, with more to follow, to better improve Liverpool’s residential regions.

·       22,000 local authority and Combined Authority staff are to be trained in Race Equality.

·       Liverpool is investing in Green Trade Industries to make the region net zero carbon by 2040.

·       5% of Research and Development will be reinvested in the economy by 2030- double the national government target.


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