Liverpool to invest £1.6 million to support music sector


A new development programme focused on supporting business growth, skill and talent development in Liverpool’s music sector is soon to gain a £1.6million investment.


Exciting plans have been set in place to invest £1.6 million in LCR Music Board. Previously, £2 million had been granted in 2020, of which,£400,000 of that funding had been used to support the board by enabling a£150,000 emergency support fund for music businesses effected by the pandemic.

The remaining £1.6m is expected to be matched by local organisations and providers, which will result to deliver a second phase of ‘LCR Music Sector Development Project’, which in the long run aims to support the LCR music ecosystem through the creation of LCR Music Office.

Mayor Steve Rotherham explained, “The Liverpool City Region has as strong a claim as anywhere to be the home of British music. No area has had more number one hits and, in my opinion, nowhere has our heart or our talent. Today, our music scene is as vibrant as ever. We’re home to thriving community of incredibly talented artists who are continuing our area’s proud legacy. Our musical heritage is obviously very important, attracting millions of visitors to the region every year, but I want to invest to ensure that our future can be just as bright. The new LCR Music Office will help to overseethe musical sector in the region, providing one front door for businesses and acts alike who need support or guidance to take their careers to the next level.”

Liverpool supporting the music industry is another way for them to showcase their heritage. Previously, Liverpool has been known for having the country’s oldest professional orchestra and some of the biggest nightclubs in the UK.

Other than heritage, a main factor in supporting the music sector is creating a structure that can ultimately provide apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities. These will be marketed through industry career events and outreach to young people. These events will offer career advice and support in association with local music education hubs- aiming to support young people into full time sector employment.

As of September 2022, over 50 music businesses have been supported since 2020, with grants of up to £5k being provided through the sectors investment. The Combined Authority along with the Board, it’s sub-groups and local sector consultants are excited to get back on track implementing the Music Sector Development Project.


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