Liverpool’s Affordable Housing


With residents demanding for more affordable housing throughout the country, Liverpool has set their sights on a new development, which aims to solve this problem for those currently priced out of the market.

The new development, Grove Palace will sit on the edge of the city region and focus on constructing a multi-generational neighbourhood that will implement green space as a feature, and ultimately support residents who have been priced out of the housing market due to the current cost of living crisis.

Regenda, who proposed these plans, are expecting to demolish the current housing set up in order to construct 6 buildings ranging from three to nine stories- and containing 304 residential apartments. For those whose housing will be demolished, the company is providing residents the opportunity to move into the new development upon completion. Many will also have the opportunity to live next to their original neighbours if wanted.

Martin Davies, Director of Development for Regenda spoke on behalf of his application at Liverpool Town Hall, commenting, "This scheme will increase the amount of social housing and will increase the choice of housing for those, particularly young people, wanting to live in this area. This is a really significant scheme that can transform this part of Liverpool."

The breakdown of the site is as follows:

Grove Palace will provide 144 social rent apartments, 84 buy-to-rent apartments, 50 private sector rented properties and 23 homes for private sale. The mixture of style and apartment types has been chosen specifically to regenerate the area and better the lifestyles of current and future residents.

However, many are wondering why it is necessary to demolish existing apartments to better the lifestyle of current residents. For many looking to invest, it may be better to sort out a more ethical developer.

Ethical developers supporting the betterment of residents would rather regenerate areas using established buildings as to not displace the current residents entirely or change the look of the region. By using years of expertise and various construction techniques, buildings can be restored without tearing down existing facades, meaning the region is able to maintain its heritage whilst providing affordable modern housing to residents in need.


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