Liverpool’s Environmental Innovation


Liverpool has previously stated the importance of innovation and its priority for its forward-thinking regeneration schemes, travel, and technical advances. What’s better, these innovations have always placed residents at the forefront, by creating a better lifestyle and environment for all to live in, and it’s next £1.5 million scheme follows the same path: underground super bins.

It is understandable to wonder what makes the new bins so innovative, but the rewards of implementing the new housing feature is plentiful.

The £1.5 million scheme has been designed to create a cleaner environment for the 27,000 terraced housed residents living in areas with limited space due to restricted street access. The designs, made of steel and reinforced plastic, will reduce odours, will issue an alarm to a relevant department when full, and will be easily emptied via crane lift, which will take all of 10 minutes. Most importantly, it will create space for those who live in restricted areas, making more room for residents looking to walk on paths, drive down streets and pass through the once crowded areas.

The bins have also been uniquely designed to cater to those with limited strength and mobility, with some using foot pedals and in-ground mechanisms for ease of use. This works towards cleanliness also, so no bins will be directly operated by hand.  

12 areas have been chosen to receive the new innovation; however, more are to come.

Cllr Liam Robinson, who represents the Kensington area and is the cabinet member for neighbourhoods has highlighted the importance of challenging other cities to become more environmentally friendly, “These are not just Liverpool's first underground super-bins, but they are Britain's first. They have been tried and tested in different parts of the world and so we know they work well… We have chosen the first 12 areas based on residents who are not able to have wheelie bins because of the four-foot alleyways. We know this can cause issues with bin bags and vermin. If this is successful, then we will look at rolling the scheme out across other parts of the city."

The implementation of such innovations works towards Liverpool City Region’s idea of becoming a fairer, stronger, cleaner, connected city, which hopes to encourage better living for residents and a challenge to other cities who want to join the ranks of powerhouses such as Liverpool and Manchester.


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