Liverpool’s Hydrogen Buses


Liverpool’s Mayor Steve Rotherham invited residents of the region down to The Royal Albert Dock for the first chance to view a new demonstrator vehicle: a hydrogen bus, which aims to make travel easier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.


The city region heavily relies on public transport, with over 400,000 journeys being taken via buses everyday for access to work, education, and public services such as shopping facilities.


The initial fleet will consist of 20 vehicles, which will be provided by British manufacturers Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL), who will expect to provide the first round of vehicles by the end of 2022.


The new hydrogen buses will be a welcome addition to the already existing fleet, of which more than 70% is already 70% low emissions- however, the addition of these new buses will catapult Liverpool into becoming net zero carbon by 2040 at the latest, a decade before national targets.


Alongside the obvious environmental impacts, the buses will serve residents well with added special features, of which include wireless and USB phone charging, internet access and reading lights above seats- creating a more comfortable and accessible journey.


“This investment in the future of our buses is only the start of our plans – we’re pressing ahead with work to reregulate our bus network to deliver much greater public control over things like fares, timetables, and routes. Working towards a London-style transport system, we can build a more reliable, more efficient, more affordable network that puts the public back at the heart of public transport. If it’s good enough for London, then it’s the very least that our region deserves.”


This news comes just a week after the region introduced anew £2 adult single fare, meaning the overall news is that Liverpool is focusing on creating a cheaper, easier, and more environmentally friendly way of travelling throughout the region.


“Our new hydrogen fleet is more spacious, more accessible, and more befitting of a high-quality service you’d expect of a modern city region like ours – and even better, they’ll be owned by us. It’s a big statement of intent for my ambitions for the future of public transport in our area to make travel cheaper and easier for residents, having recently taken a big step towards that goal with the launch of our £2 bus fare.”


This can only bode well for investors and residents alike, as once again Liverpool City Region becomes one of the most modern, innovative cities in the UK. As developments continue, more eyes will fall onto Liverpool, creating a more demand for places to live within the region.


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