Liverpool’s Paddington Village


Liverpool, on a streak of innovation and construction, is potentially greenlighting a 172,000 sq ft, net zero, office building.

What do we know of the site?

Designed by AHR Architects, the 172,000 sq ft, net zero office building is set to stand 8 storeys tall and placed adjacent to Mount Vernon Road and named: Hemisphere. Included in the building will be 115,000 sq ft of Grade A offices, a café and wellness studio- perfect for modern day workers and the innovation precedent Liverpool has set for its region.

Below the build, two basement levels will provide net zero transportation solutions, such as e-bike charging. Showers, changing rooms, storage and lockers will also be found to accommodate those wanting to participate in exercise or alternative transportation methods.

Found above on the upper floors will be more office space, estimated to be 16,000 sq ft in size, two kitchens and six meeting rooms. Furthermore, on the very top, members will find 14,725 sq ft office space, a kitchen, meeting room and external terrace.

How will this affect Liverpool City Region, and the property sector within it?

New regeneration and innovation projects such as Paddington Village and Liverpool Waters, located at the famous waterfront docks, are being implemented to constantly raise the bar set by the city’s previous successes. This is positively affecting both the economy and the residents who live in the region.

Within the last decade it is estimated that the city centre of Liverpool has doubled, accommodating more than 40,000 residents. With both the growing population and the rise in reputation, the city region is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is expected.

The regeneration projects have pushed Liverpool into a growth spurt, and it is estimated that these positive implementations are attracting an estimated additional 6,000 residents, who are planned to move in within 2023- expanding the population to 912,000.

This means the city will need to account for this growth through the construction of property, or the help of property developers constructing on the city’s behalf. This is great news for investors who are looking to provide the ethical approach of purchasing affordable property for those who may have been priced out of the market due to the innovation prospects.


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