Liverpool’s Tech Sector Benefits from Investment


For the last few years, Liverpool has focused on innovation and enabling citywide growth. One of the ways it has found success in achieving these goals come from investments in the creative, digital and tech sector.

Liverpool’s creative, digital and tech sector is a pillar in the region and provides a large contribution to the economy. Not only this, but it also supports a large community of residents through employment and will help shape the future of the region as the city will implement important infrastructure to enable further growth in these sectors, benefitting both residents and companies.

“Businesses are the backbone of our economy and, ultimately, their success will have a massive part to play in shaping the future of our area. We’re incredibly fortunate to play host to a thriving business community, but I want to help as many of them as possible to continue to grow and expand. I launched Gather with £3.5m to help make that happen.”

Some things you may not know about the sector are:

• The sector contributed over £2.2bn, £1.96bn being from the Digital Technologies sector arm alone.

• There are 2,680 technology workspaces across the city, employing 15,750 people.

• GDP in the Digital and Creative sector has grown 55%, compared to 17% nationally.

• £800,000 worth of grants have been awarded to companies by LCR Activate.

• Hibernia Express fibre optic cables run throughout the region, connecting the UK to the USA.

• LCR Connect plans on redefining LCR’s digital infrastructure. Delivering 212km full fibre, ultrafast, gigabit cable network, equipping residents with cloud-enabled technology.

• LCR are expecting to close the digital skills gap of 56% disabled residents and 77% of elderly residents who have limited exposure to digital infrastructure- as a part of their digital inclusion plan.

“By helping local businesses to expand and giving them the platform to take their company to the next level, we’re making sure that our economy is in the strongest possible position to take advantage of all the opportunities that come our way in an increasingly digital world. It was fantastic to meet with some of the businesses that have benefited and hear how our investment has helped them.”

Enabling the growth of the digital and creative sector is a key focus for Liverpool. Digital connectivity, skills and activity are not only a necessity, but a priority for the city as to place the region at the forefront of England’s digital innovation goals.


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