Liverpool’s Youth Combined Authority


Liverpool City Region have focused their sites on the city’s youths. A select few have been given the privilege to work alongside City Mayor Steve Rotherham, where they will aim to make the city safer and more accessible for the younger generations.


The newly dubbed Youth Combined Authority (YCA) is the first of its name and is comprised of 25 members. The main role of this authority is to focus on factors such as accessibility, development, housing, transport, economics, jobs, skills, the environment, digital connectivity, and culture- aiming to find out how they can support these matters within the city region.


This has been hailed as an achievement by many, as the YCA’s platform will provide help to nearly 350,000 young people who live within the city region, making sure their voices are heard.


“Too often, young people have been overlooked by decision makers, excluded from the debate on important decisions that directly affect their lives. Yet, in reality, they are a generation who will one day inherit our region – and deal with the legacy of the decisions we’re making today.”


It’s easy to overlook the importance of the YCA, but they will be working towards goals with other youth combined authorities that are placed in other major cities throughout the country. And as ever, diversity is key, this is why the YCA has been created with a select group that covers disabilities, special and educational needs in order to create a robust set of policy makers.


“Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important that young people are being encouraged to engage with politics, to stand up for the issues they feel passionate about, and make sure their views are listened to… I’m looking forward to working with our young people and hearing their ideas on how we can shape a better future for our region. Collectively, they will be the authors of the next chapter in our region’s long and storied history.”


It is essential that city regions focus on younger generations as these younger people are the key to developing regions in the coming years. Creating opportunities such as the YCA, apprenticeships in industries such as science and technology and achievable job prospects makes sure that we leave the city’s we love in caring hands.


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