Lyceum Construction Update - November 2023

While we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the initial batch of structural steels on-site, the release of funds for the first draw down from our tier 1 funder, Maslow Capital, is pending. The valuation has successfully navigated the approval process, with the transfer poised to take place in the coming days.

On-site, our dedicated team remains unwaveringly focused, adhering to our stringent quality procedures. Every pad foundation undergoes meticulous curing to ensure it’s ready to bear the loadings of the impending steels. A secure lay-down area has been meticulously crafted to facilitate the safe placement of these structural elements.

Given the spatial constraints of the site, implementing safe working systems is paramount. This aligns seamlessly with our site’s traffic management and logistics plan.

The entire Integritas team is buzzing with excitement for the imminent weeks when the phoenix of the Lyceum will rise from the ashes, reclaiming its former glory and contributing to the captivating Manchester skyline.

In conclusion, the Integritas team extends heartfelt gratitude to all our current and prospective investors. Your unwavering support is invaluable as we embark on this transformative journey and manage our enviable portfolio of projects throughout the North of England.

Watch the video update below or click here.


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