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Name: Mitchell Walsh

Title: Managing director at Integritas Property Group

What I do: My day-to-day responsibilities include the overall operations for the business, meeting with the development team to discuss onsite works and focusing on our growth plans over the next 24 months.

Why I got into the property industry: I’ve always had a love of the property sector, and even before I finished school, I knew I wanted a career in property.

How I did it: I was head hunted by Select Property Group, which resulted in me relocating to Dubai to become a global investment consultant.

My first proper job: Sales assistant at JD Sports.

My first big break: Getting offered the position at Select Property Group.

My inspiration(s): Creating a legacy, which is built on a reputation of helping people.

The biggest challenge I’ve encountered to date: One of the developments that we now own was previously being developed by someone who fell into administration, and because IPG didn’t yet exist at the time, 27 of our own investors were at risk of losing their funds and I really didn’t want that to happen.

We quickly organised the Lyceum Investors Group to represent the interests of our investors, and we worked with Cowgills to sell the plan back to them so that they could take over as the administrator of the scheme in lieu of FRP. As we approach project completion this year, investor unity has been the single most important component in the scheme’s success.

My greatest achievement/proudest moment to date: Again, buying back The Lyceum and getting it into construction. The project is scheduled to complete at the end of this year, and I’m very excited to deliver the project to our investors.

The biggest misconception people have about the property industry: It’s an easy way to earn a living.

My biggest bugbear about the industry/the one thing I would change about the industry: There isn’t enough education offered to investors looking to invest in property. Often people can invest in projects without having access to the correct due diligence, and if they lose their capital through a poorly managed developer, it really does reflect badly on the sector as a whole.

Why I’m so passionate about DE&I: IPG have always been passionate about building a truthful and straightforward organisation. We focus on inclusion not diversity, and by bringing forward an innovative approach to both best practices and open conversations, we can ensure equality across every aspect of our workplace.    

Where I’d like to be in five years’ time career-wise: I’d like to have delivered over 1,500 completed properties across the North West.

Who I’d invite, living or dead, to a dinner party: Muhammad Ali.

What I do in my downtime: I like to split my time between the boxing gym and spending quality time with family.

The job I’d be doing if I was not doing this: Professional boxer.

My advice for someone just starting out: Never sacrifice integrity for short term wealth.

My motto/mantra: If a short cut was really a short cut it would just be the way.

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