£920,000 Investment in Liverpool Markets


A public consultation has led to almost 800 people responding on the topic of Liverpool Markets. These suggestions have led to the city council to spend £920,000 implementing these suggestions.

Liverpool City Region found it necessary to consult local traders and residents who support Liverpool Markets in hopes to create a plan that would uplift the areas and gain a larger visitor economy.

Liverpool’s Cabinet Member for Culture ad Visitor Economy and Councillor Harry Doyle has commented, “It was all about kickstarting a thorough conversation about what already works well and what needs to change. From the outset we made it clear that we wanted input from those people who know best – the traders themselves – and the residents.

The markets surround the Northern Docks, a key investment for the Council who are already supporting the area through Liverpool Waters and Ten Streets, which aims to redefine the docks as a cultural hotspot through £100m of investment.

The markets would continue the regeneration of this area, providing yet another reason for the surrounding 2.24 million people that live within distance to visit the city centre and surrounding regions to visit.

Doyle continues, “It was also vital to hear from people who don’t use the service and understand what the barriers are to them making the most of the offer.

With the wealth of information provided by local tenants and market traders, the council are expected to approve £920,000 to secure a number of ‘quick wins’, which include:

·       Promoting the different market locations

·       Delivering a maintenance plan for 10 sites “to get the basics right” (toilets, parking utilities, access to signage etc).

·       Creating an online expression of interest form, attracting new traders and opportunities.

·       Implementing digital payment systems on site to make it easier for customers to pay for goods.

·       Establishing a steering group of council representatives, traders and members of the community.

Graeme Tuthill, chair of Great Homer Street market traders, added: “The traders appreciated being involved in the consultation process. The meetings we had were positive about the future of the markets… It’s great to see that our feedback seems to have been taken on board and there is going to be much-needed financial investment. I look forward to seeing how the action plan develops.

The implications of what this new scheme can achieve are great for the City Region’s economy. Alongside the regeneration of the local docks, local support for the markets and investment in arts and theatres, Liverpool is showcasing it’s potential of becoming a leading city both within the North and the UK overall.


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