The Liverpool Regeneration Handbook


Whether within the property market, economics or industry, Liverpool has focussed on progressive innovation and the city cannot be understated. With the city region’s sights set high, investors should redefine their expectations on what Liverpool may be, as it is re-defining itself as a northern powerhouse.

Already, Liverpool has shown its commitment to regeneration and innovation through projects such as Liverpool Super Port- completed in 2017, this port houses some of the largest cruise liners in the world- and Project Jennifer- the city centre expansion that brought 80,000 sq ft of new shops and900 free car parking spaces.

With these huge achievements positively impacting the city’s economy, it is important for investors to research into the up-and-coming areas that may be the next best investment that will provide the highest yield:

Liverpool Economy

Unveiled at the start of 2022, Liverpool is planning to reinvest5% of its economy into research and development by 2030. The success of this manoeuvre would add an estimated £47.1bn to the city’s economy and double the governments UK target by focusing on three world leading industries: materials chemistry, AI solutions and infection control.

This reinvestment would also create an approximate 44,000 stable jobs. All in all, boosting Liverpool’s reputation and redefining the city as an innovation superpower.

Liverpool waters

With plans on spanning 568 acres of the city’s waterfront, this £5bnregeneration project will transform the dockland and become a catalyst, attracting 7.2 million people that live within commuting distance to the city centre.

The waterfront, upon completion, envisions to host 3,800 new low carbon homes, 116,000 sq m of new office spaces and 25,000 sq m of restaurants and bars- alongside a brand-new public park.

The sheer scale makes the project one of the largest in Europe.

Ten Streets

Minutes away from Liverpool Waters sits the 125-acre development opportunity, Ten Streets. The ongoing initiative has focused on creating an enterprise industry hub with the potential of creating upward of 2,500 new jobs.

A major aspect of the plan is concentrating on the sustainable impact of the development. This will happen through sensitive conservation, smart energy, and digital connectivity.

Progressing the hospitality sector in this way is Liverpool's way of embracing heritage with new urban design.

Liverpool’s Royal Court

A £551,200 capital grant, provided by The Arts England Capital Investment Programme, is allowing Liverpool to transform its theatre to be more accessible and sustainable.

The investment is providing the chance to incorporate long term sustainability. Solar panels are to be installed upon the roof and a new electric van will become the new low-carbon alternative to the current diesel one.

It will also directly benefit the audience as a new cooling system will be implemented. Most importantly, to create an environment easily accessible for those hard of hearing, new projection and audio equipment is high on the list to purchase.

Liverpool One

5 minutes away from the theatre is Liverpool One shopping centre, a main attraction for visitors spending a day in the city region. Lately, it has been reported that Gravity Active Entertainment signed a 15-year lease for 100,000sq ft. This large purchase aims to provide an all-encompassing entertainment destination which would include bowling, golf, e-karting and restaurants including food and drink.


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