The UK Property Hotspots in 2023


Investors looking within the UK for their next investment will realise the country has a plethora of hotspots. From cities to countryside towns, there’s a reason to be excited for each.

Here are some areas to consider when you're looking for your next property investment:


Manchester is multidisciplinary, and its sectors are thrive. From the digital sector, business, employment, manufacturing, fashion and property, the city and it’s surrounding regions are ever growing and supportive of its residents. Research from JLL has indicated that Manchester will see an economic increase of 16.4% over the next 5 years.

Manchester boasts impressive rental yields of up to 6% and Savills have predicted house price increases in the region will grow by 28.8%. Not only this, but Manchester’s economy achieved an 8% improvement in its 2021 economy and was recently recognised as having the second fastest rate of growth of 30 major European cities, just behind Dublin at 11.9% gdp growth.


Liverpool has seen dramatic growth over the past decade, which has seen it rise to be a major player in the north of England. The city region provides broad employment opportunities across a thriving business district.

Within the last decade, the city centre has doubled, meaning the region now houses more than 40,000 residents and boasts one of the largest demographics of people aged 17-29 in the UK. The city offers investors anticipated rental yields of up to 7%.


Bradford is not only a successful student town with plenty of current and post-graduate opportunities, but the City of Culture 2025.

Bradford’s popularity with tourists attracts more than 500,000 to the city each year to enjoy the cities thriving cultural scene. Bradford  is the second largest subdivision of the North West with 537,000 residents. Student property in the city offers investors rental yields of up to 6%.


“We're a creative city and arts and culture are embedded all around the city in our people, dialect, unique culinary offerings, architecture, buildings, museums, attractions, spaces and landscapes - in the everyday and the ordinary, the extraordinary and the spectacular.”

Stoke-on-Trent is a fantastic education hub that houses 16,000+ students across the regions of Newcastle-under-Lyme, Keele and Staffordshire.

Keele University has recently been ranked #1 as Britain’s bets university according to the Student Crowd University Awards 2022 and has seen an increase of up to 70% of it’s students taking dual honours. The city offers investors in student property rental yields of up to 7%.


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