Bastion Point is a brand new development, which will offer 67 residential apartments over seven floors, adding to the already stella collection of buildings across Liverpool.

Comprised of one, two and three-bedroom apartments, Bastion Point sits just a short walk to Liverpool City Centre and the World Heritage location of Albert Docks.

GDV - £13,284,750
Under Construction
7.5% anticipated rental yield
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About: Liverpool

With big plans for the future, Liverpool is the one to watch.

As it stands, Liverpool’s average rental yields currently deliver around a 5.5% return – a much better result when compared to London with the Capital’s income sitting closer to 3%. This return is low even when compared with the rest of the UK, with national rates hovering around 3.55%.

What makes Liverpool such a good contender is its strong capital appreciation. Seven of Liverpool’s postcodes feature in the top ten best capital appreciation locations in the UK. As Manchester continues to grow, Liverpool has followed suit giving investors lower entry levels whilst delivering similar rents.

The regeneration of Liverpool city centre will see its population continue to grow, adding further pressure to local developers. This perdition has been previously illustrated by the Office for National Statistics, which gave a figure of 181% for local the population growth between 2002 and 2015. Future modelling has indicated this continuing trend over the coming years.

With the North West expected to grow in population by 24% over the next five years, there is real pressure to deliver new housing. With more people moving to this region, the local housing market is likely to continue to out-perform the rest of the UK.

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