A 46-unit student accommodation development generating immediate rental income from day-1.

Bijou, located in the heart of Bradford is a key university town in the north of the UK. The building had previously been a hall of residence before it’s purchase through IPG. The build period for the development has been 8 months to date, with the project looking to hand over towards the end of April. There is currently a planning application in place for a further 53-unit extension, due to the significant success of the first phase.

GDV - £3,367,700
Target build - £1,190,000 / Achieved £1,100,000
Phase 1 to be completed on the 16th of April
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About Bradford

Bradford is a great fast expanding northern city with lots of underexploited potential. It has some of the lowest property prices in the UK, which makes Bradford a prime spot for property investors looking for affordable property with the lure of future capital appreciation and to enjoy a good rental income throughout.

With the current bid for Capital of Culture 2025, Bradford’s future growth is particularly attractive to property investors, with more than £500 million gone into improving the city centre and a further £200 million dispersed among the wider regional district. From the student accommodation perspective, the opportunities for developers and investors are clear.

Bijou will cater to a city with the fastest-growing youngest population outside of London, placing accommodation for students and young professionals at a premium. Based on the university campus, Bijou will be in a prime position for the student accommodation market.

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